• Alopecia is very easy to treat, as it does not involve any major surgical operation. If one has a health insurance cover that can be accepted in the hospital of choice, then one will not have to worry about many costs.
  • People who also have no insurance cover can afford the cost of treatment. Drugs such as Rogaine are cheap and can be bought without any prescription. The hair transplant procedure is also very affordable especially in Bangkok where many excellent hospitals offer affordable pricing packages.
  • There are no heavy costs that one will incur during post-operative care. One can go home and take care of the place where the hair was relocated to by them. They can do this by regularly changing the wound dressing and cleaning it.

What determines pricing?

  • One factor that affects the cost of pricing is the type of surgery that one chooses. There are various surgical options to choose from with each having its advantages and disadvantages.
  • The sessions that are needed are also a factor that determines pricing. When one goes for more session, they will definitely have to pay more.
  • The third factor that affects prices is the state of the remaining hair that will be the donor scalp.

Why it is cheaper to treat alopecia in Thailand

  • It is advisable to have hair treatment done in Thailand, as its prices are relatively lower as compared to the prices of other hospitals in other parts of the world. One may also find that the hospitals in their home country charge prices that are very highly priced.
  • Having hair treatment option done in Thailand is also cost effective, as one will get true value of their money. This is because the country has many experienced doctors who will ensure that they perform a procedure that will have little or no side effects.
  • Hospitals in Thailand also have gone the extra mile to make sure that your costs, as a foreign patient, are reduced significantly. One of the ways that they do this is by giving packages that offer one transfer to and from the hospitals. There are also hospitals that offer transfer to and from doctor appointments.